Wesmount Country Club

Westmount Country Club

A wedding at Westmount Country Club feels different from the typical country club experience. Built over fifty years ago in New Jersey’s Woodland Park, it has all the elegance you expect from a wedding venue located on thirty spectacular acres overlooking Garret Mountain. But it also has an element of stunning modern glamour that takes it out of the ordinary country club mold and makes it extraordinary.

The beautiful terrace and gazebo make a perfectly picturesque spot for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Inside, the Grand Ballroom -- a majestic space with marble floors and dramatic lighting -- can be used for both ceremony and reception. It’s all in how you design it, and the amazing staff is there to figure out exactly how to make your perfect wedding day appear.

In fact, we’ve loved working with the Westmount wedding team. They’re incredibly adaptable, helping you custom design each event from floral arrangements to gourmet menu. They’re also incredibly accommodating and helpful, going above and beyond to help with set up, breakdown, and every other detail in between.

When it comes to beautiful places for photos, the Westmount Country Club is everything a bridal couple could want. The beautiful grounds are full of lush blooms, hidden nooks, and elegant fountains, perfect for intimate photos and formal portraits. Inside the country club, the grand foyer feels like a setting for a high fashion photo shoot. It’s the sort of venue that looks amazing no matter what time of year you’re there or what your personal style is. We’re sure you’ll treasure the memories of your special day here -- and we can promise you’ll have stunning photos to keep those memories as fresh as the day they were made!

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Westmount Country Club

728 Rifle Camp Road

Woodland Park, New Jersey 07424

Phone: 973.256.2700

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