Harborfields Library

Harborfields Library

It’s one of the sweetest ideas we’ve ever played with for engagement photos -- a giggly, lighthearted photo shoot in your favorite library. And for book-loving, Long Island couples in Greenlawn, there’s no more meaningful place to go than Harborfields Library.

With it’s schoolhouse charm and place in local history, it’s easy to see why locals love it here. Harborfields was built in 1970 and has been a space for art, culture, and learning ever since. It’s part of the fabric of the community, and just being there can make you feel connected to Long Island history. The building itself is lovely, with a whitewashed cupola, old-fashioned weathervane, and warm red brick sides. And the people who work there are just as wonderful -- after all, how many libraries would allow a photo shoot in their building?

But the best part, of course, is the inside. Who wouldn’t want to wander through the stacks with their sweetheart, muffling laughter over silly books and posing with the sweet ones, enjoying the hushed, private atmosphere of a place that means so much to both of you?

Once upon a time, reads a sign on the wall in the children’s room. And it’s absolutely true: the Harborfields Library is just right for celebrating the start of your own perfect fairy tale.

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Harborfields Library

31 Broadway

Greenlawn, New York 11740

Phone: 631.757.4200