Dumbo Brooklyn

Dumbo Brooklyn

Your engagement photo session should be a reflection of the two of you -- and what better way to show who you are then in the part of New York that you love and live in?

Brooklyn has some of the most character of any part of New York City. The Dumbo neighborhood, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is located right on the water; its historic district has been named a landmark area by the Landmark Preservation Commission. The area is a remarkable blend of everything that makes New York unique -- a little bit Brooklyn brownstone, a little bit industrial docks, and a little bit waterfront beauty.

There are dozens of fun places to wander in Dumbo for your photos. Overlooking the East River is Main Street Park, perfect for strolling in any season. Here you’ll find the famous Jane’s Carousel, where you and your sweetheart can hop on for a ride. Above you rises the Manhattan Bridge, in the other direction is the arch of the Brooklyn Bridge, providing a perfect backdrop with the Manhattan skyline rising beyond. Even a walk through the streets is amazing; from cobblestones and trolley tracks to street art and historic brownstones, there’s something fun to look at everywhere you turn. It’s the perfect spot for a couple with tons of personality… we can’t wait to meet you there!

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Dumbo, Brooklyn

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