Columbia University

Columbia University

For the people who studied there, Columbia University in New York City is more than just a school. It’s an institution that embodies a huge and meaningful part of their life. When you add that significance together with the beautiful architecture and sweeping lawns, it’s no wonder that so many alumni choose to take their wedding and engagement photos here.

Columbia University, which was founded in 1794 by Royal Charter and known as King’s College, is the oldest university in New York and the fifth oldest in the United States. Though it is made up of twenty schools and dozens of buildings around the city, the most popular photo spots are on the main campus right in the heart of Manhattan.

Here, the elegant sweep of the South Lawn is a bright spot of green in the crowded city, stretching between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Ahead of you rises the iconic dome of the Library of Columbia University, its steps the perfect place to capture a special moment in the midst of the busy campus life. If we wander past the library, the rest of the campus is equally lovely, including the smaller dome of Earl Hall and the landmark Saint Paul’s Chapel. Everywhere you turn, Columbia University is full of history, giving your photos a weight and meaning that connect you to both the past and future.

If you or your sweetheart are Columbia graduates, we can’t think of a more perfect place to take photos that truly represent your unique lives together!

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